• Is it possible to select only one or two parts of a multi-movement composition for the 'competition programme'?

You have to select a minimum of 2 movements: a slow and a fast movement.
Please note, this is allowed only for the first round, and only for 1 composition in order to avoid a whole programme with only incomplete compositions.

  • Is it allowed to select transcriptions for my 'competition programme'?

As it was a common practice in historical performance to make instrumental diminutions and transcriptions, they will be allowed in the repertoire up to a certain point.

Are allowed:

    • Transcriptions, diminutions on vocal works from before 1650.
    • Transcriptions of an instrumental work (for your own or another instrument) from between 1600-1780.
    • An original transcription from the 18th century of a concerto

Are not allowed:

    • Diminutions or transcriptions on vocal works from later than 1650.
    • Own transcriptions of a concerto


  • Which video files do I have to upload?

When uploading the video files for the first round, it is recommended that a multi-movement composition is split into its movements and that one video file per movement is submitted. Of course, each movement must be recorded in a single and unprocessed take.