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What you can expect from us


-       MA Competition consists of three rounds, all accessible to the audience.

-       The competition takes place in the Chamber music hall of the Concertgebouw in Bruges.

-       Accompanists of MA Festival are at the disposal of the participants. Applicants who want to make an appeal to a festival accompanist must pay a € 70 deposit, together with the registration fee. The accompanist will accompany the participant during the official sound check on stage and an extra rehearsal of 40 minutes (each round) and all the rounds the participant is admitted to.

-       MA Festival can arrange a basic single room for participants during the whole period of the competition. Participants who want to use these facilities, pay a €300 deposit with their registration fee (€30 per night, with a standard of 10 nights). If the participant chooses not to prolong their stay in Bruges after any proclamation, MA Festival will reimburse the remaining amount after the competition.

-       Besides a cheque, MA Festival offers the winner(s) a concert as part of the next MA Festival edition and a number of concerts in close collaboration with important national and international organizations. One of the candidates also receives the opportunity to record a cd with the renowned Ricercar label.




What we expect from you


-       All participants should be available from July 30th until August 8th.

-       Participants must have been born after 31 December 1987.

-       The participants are invited to compile their own repertoire, consisting of a selection of works as described below. (repertoire)

-       Participants must complete the registration according to the registration procedure. The deadline for registration is May 1st 2020. MA Festival reserves the right to extend the closing date.

-       Each participant must pay the registration fee of €120 (and other eventual deposits for the festival accompanist (€70) and / or the accommodation (€300)) by:

  • bank transfer, before registering, on the bank account of MA Festival: IBAN: BE 62 470 0811151 61; BIC: KREDBEBB (KBC Bank, Zilverstraat 34, BE-8000 Brugge). Please mention the name of the participant in combination with “MA Competition”.
  • or online by Paypal (a Paypal account is not necessary) at the end of the registration form.





MA Competition 2020 has been organized for renaissance & early baroque recorder, cornetto, renaissance traverso, viola da gamba and violin.

The competition focuses on music of the renaissance and early baroque period (1500-1650).

If required, MA Festival will provide an accompanist (harpsichord).

 The competition repertoire consists of a selection of obligatory works / assignments and chosen repertoire as described as follow.



First round

1.     Two canzone of your choice from G. Frescobaldi.

2.     Chosen repertoire from the period 1500-1650, between 10 and 15 minutes in length, consisting of two or more compositions with accompaniment. At least two different nationalities must be represented (e.g. German & Italian).




1.     Four improvised variations on a folk song (in any style of your choice). The melody will be specified when the semi-finalists are announced.

2.     Chosen repertoire from the period 1500-1650, of 60 minutes in total length, consisting of soloworks and / or works with accompaniment. The jury will make a selection of this repertoire. At least two different nationalities must be represented (e.g. German & Italian). This works have to be different from the works of the first round.




1.     A contemporary composition (to be announced after May 7th 2020).

2.     An improvisation ‘upon a ground’ in a historically informed style, between 4 and 6 minutes in length. The ‘ground’ will be specified when the finalists are announced.

3.     A chosen virtuoso composition with accompaniment from the period 1500-1650, demonstrating the finalist’s technical and musical excellence. This composition can be, but does not have to be, from the candidate’s chosen repertoire for the semi-final (it can also be an additional work).





Registration procedure

-       Please read our regulations below carefully.

-       Please prepare the following documents:

  • scores of your programme in pdf (one pdf file per composition)
  • copy of your ID / passport (pdf)
  • photo in HD (jpeg)
  • a short biography (max. 1300 characters)
  • in case you have chosen to pay by bank transfer, you will need a proof of payment

-       Please fill in the registration form and upload the necessary documents.

-       After completing the form, we will confirm your registration within 7 working days.


You will find the regulations here:

Download the regulations
When does the registration open?

Registration for the competition is possible from January 8th 2020 until May 1th 2020.


I will bring my own accompanist. Can he/she also use the MA Festivalaccommodation? 

Yes, we can arrange an extra room for your accompanist. Please pay an extra deposit of €300 with your registration.


The repertoire is determined from 1500 to 1650. What about a piece published in 1660, but probably written before?

If you can proof that the piece is written before 1650, you can add it to your programme.


I have a question regarding the competition. Who should I contact?

Mail us via [email protected] or call +32 50 33 22 83. All questions will be answered by the production manager of the MA Festival. You can also reach her directly on [email protected].